.Silent Life

Silent Life

Silent life, 2008-2009.

The “Silent life” series is a very personal series of pictures. I wanted to record images of my grandmother’s house as it has been for years and as I remember it. The old kitchen, the holy Maries and the crosses, my grandma sitting in the kitchen and raising the eyes up to the hill when she hears the bells at noon, saying her prayers, praying for the health of her children, us grandchildren, grandgrandchildren and for a painless death for herself.

The old house. The rooms where my mother and her sisters and brother used to sleep altogether with their parents. Walls that in many years have seen many joys and too many sorrows. Silence and peace everywhere in and around the house. The old barn where we used to play. Three houses in the village, only 2 people left in just one of them. Time seems to have stopped here. People still get up very early in the morning, habit, they don’t work any more. They just eat, sit, listen to the silence and wait. Wait for some visits, wait for a painless death. They have not been touched, have not been changed by all the things that I so much desire for myself and think I couldn’t live without, all the unnecessary material things that I carry with and on me every day. They are good people, they never harmed anyone. Not even with words. They are an inspiration. 

My grandma died peacefully on 14th October 2009. Nini died two months after her.
This is a tribute to them.